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July 2, 2020billrossInquirer


The Save The News campaign is planning our next coordinated Twitter action with the theme, “A Day Without News.” This action would involve each unit or local sharing a recent example of the A1 or the homepage for their outlet in this Google Drive Folder NO LATER THAN JULY 8. (An eps file is preferred.) PLEASE FORWARD this email to all units in your local.

We will take the image and create an animated GIF that shows the stories disappearing, leaving only the masthead or logo of the outlet, illustrating what will happen if Congress fails to take action to Save The News.

To attract maximum exposure, we will synchronize our efforts and tweet on July 16 from 12-1 p.m. ET. To add context to the image, we recommend using a two-tweet thread that shares two simple lines of text:

·         One with the GIF: “Imagine a day without news. It could happen soon unless we take action to #SaveTheNews.”

·         A follow-up tweet should include a call to action encouraging people to write their Senators about the bipartisan Local News and Emergency Information Act (S.3718): “Help us keep communities informed and connected today by telling your Senators to #SaveTheNews”

Of course, feel free to be creative.

The action will be on July 16. The Senate is scheduled to be in recess from July 2 to July 20, but the next phase of COVID-19 relief is likely to be developed during the recess and considered by senators soon after. As Senators return to their offices and political and media reporters start focusing on the next recovery package, we want our issue to be on the top of their minds.

Please place an image of a recent A1 page or homepage in the Google Drive no later than July 8.

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