The NewsGuild of Greater Philadelphia


Dear Guild Friends,
As we head into a holiday that puts the focus on gratitude, I just wanted to thank each and every one of you for being such supportive, resilient and caring members.
At The Inquirer, you came together to help inform the best contract we’ve secured in more than 20 years.
At some of our newer shops, such as Access Matters, you achieved or are close to securing a first contract with some of the most progressive, thoughtful provisions we’ve seen, provisions that will help influence our collective bargaining efforts going forward.
And now, as the world grapples with the horrors in the Middle East, you have shown tremendous compassion for each other on one of the most divisive issues to confront us in recent years, one that has resulted in the deaths of journalists covering the conflict and has posed extraordinary professional and personal challenges for many. It is imperative we continue to watch out for each other and advocate for each other.
Lastly, bountiful thanks to our phenomenal Guild staff: Bill, Pam and Shelly. They are the hardest working, most dedicated, badass Guild staff in the country.
On a personal level, I’m thankful this Thanksgiving for the honor to represent you all.
Have a joyful, delicious holiday. And if you are working on the holiday and your contracts provide for extra pay for that day, PUT IN FOR THAT EXTRA MONEY. It is the result of hard-fought bargaining and compensation you have earned!
In solidarity,