The NewsGuild of Greater Philadelphia

Your well-being

Dear Friends,

9/11. George Floyd. COVID.

Depending on how long you have worked at The Inquirer, these are just some of the traumas you have had to endure while doing your job.

I’m just back to work today after a short vacation and wanted to acknowledge the trauma now gripping the world and many of you here, despite 6,000 miles of physical distance to the horrific loss of life and suffering resulting from what is now considered a war.

That distance doesn’t matter. So if you are feeling too overwhelmed to work, please err on the side of taking care of yourself. Our new contract expanded the number of sick days in anticipation of some being used for mental health needs. You also have four personal days.

There are also employee assistance programs available through the Company and TelaDoc.

If you are unclear how to access any of that help, please reply to this bulletin and we can guide you.

No matter your background or religious affiliation, what we are seeing and hearing out of Israel and Gaza would shake anyone. If you have friends and family impacted, the effects are that much more profound.

Your health is a priority right now. Do what’s needed to protect it. The job is just a job.

In solidarity, empathy and peace,