The NewsGuild of Greater Philadelphia


August 31, 2020billrossInquirer

Dear Colleagues:

The “school” year is upon us and some of you have reached out to me with questions about company policies and assistance programs regarding what truly is an unimaginable lift for many of you having to both do your job and teach your children, among other things.

I am not a parent. Consequently, I’m not the best equipped to anticipate all your needs.

So, I think it would be helpful and prudent to form a Guild advisory committee to serve as a central repository for concerns, ideas, and needs for all you parents (and soon-to-be parents) heading into several more challenging months. That committee will enable the Guild leadership to have more informed conversations with the company over the topics its recent survey asked you about.

We also hope to get a sense this week about what became of your input on those surveys.

Please respond to this email or, if you prefer, email me directly ( if you would like to lend your invaluable insight to this effort. If you wish not to serve PLEASE still send me your questions and concerns. I can’t help you if I don’t know what to help you with.

Wishing you all continued endurance and good health.

In solidarity,