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Flu shots under Teamsters Vicinity Fund

October 2, 2017billrossInquirer



Guild members,

As flu season is approaching, I thought it would be important that you understood how your benefits through the Teamsters Health & Welfare Fund covers flu shots. Flu shots are covered in full but where you have the flu shots will
determine whether you must get reimbursed or if the flu shot claim will be billed directly to the Fund office. Listed below are three different sources for flu shots and how the payment is handled.


Retail pharmacy: You must pay for the flu shot and submit the paid receipt to the Fund office for reimbursement. Retail pharmacies generally do not accept medical cards for flu shots which is why you would have to
seek reimbursement.


CVS Minute Clinic: Present your CVS card and the flu shot will be covered in full. This is an exclusive benefit for CVS Minute Clinics only not CVS retail pharmacies.


Doctor’s office: the flu shot will be covered in full. Keep in mind that you could be responsible for an office visit co-pay if an office visit is billed.


If you should have any further questions regarding flu shots or any of your benefits, please contact the Member Services Department at the Teamsters Health & Welfare Fund by calling




Bill Ross

Executive Director

TNG-CWA Local 38010

Office (215) 928-018

Cell (267) 240-8540