The NewsGuild of Greater Philadelphia


April 6, 2017billrossInquirer

In a vote that brought nearly 75% of Newspaper Guild members to the polls, the latest 3-year contract offer passed 203-79.

The contract takes effect today. The buyout window is open until May 28 (staying on for up to six months after that will be negotiated between you and your manager).

Moving into the Teamsters Vicinity Health Care Fund will take place on or around June 1. We will be holding information sessions with Blue Cross, Aetna and the Vicinity Fund before open enrollment begins.

Members will have no lapse in coverage.

Layoffs are prohibited before October 6, 2017. If 10 people choose to take buyouts, there will be a layoff prohibition until January 6, 2018.

There will be a wage and benefits re-opener in 18 months to pursue wage increases that should have been included in this contract.

We know how difficult this vote was for most of you and will continue to do everything in our power to move this company forward.

You should expect your $1,000 signing bonuses promptly.

Thank you for your extraordinary voter turnout.

In Solidarity,

Howard Gensler, president
Diane Mastrull, unit chair
Bill Ross, executive director