The NewsGuild of Greater Philadelphia


Dear Guild Members,


As the Kronos Era in the newsroom begins, it is imperative to understand your role and to take it seriously.


It’s simple: TELL THE TRUTH.


Fill in each day’s hours ACCURATELY. You can be reasonable and not count a few minutes it might take you to answer a question or an email, but if your work one day takes 11 hours to complete, put down 11 hours. That does not require an advance authorization from a supervisor. It is simply an accurate recording of hours worked. As we have weekly overtime, overtime kicks in after you work 40 hours in a week. Our pay work-week is Monday to Sunday.


What Guild officers have been told is that the Company needs better auditing of hours and days worked and taken off. Guild officers have repeatedly warned the Company that the Kronos obligation in the newsroom is likely to disclose substantial amounts of OT that has for years gone unreported and, consequently, unpaid. The Company has acknowledged that, and has emphasized that, per the contract, if OT is worked, it is to be paid.


In an effort to protect yourself in the event of a dispute over hours worked, please keep detailed notes on your daily hours in the event you are ever asked to explain or justify them. That includes what interviews you might have been on and where, etc.


Should you have specific questions or encounter pushback from a manager disputing your recorded hours, please contact Bill Ross at or 215-928-0118.


In Solidarity,

Bill Ross

Howard Gensler

Diane Mastrull