The NewsGuild of Greater Philadelphia


November 17, 2015billrossInquirer

Guild Members:


As the holiday approaches, we want to remind you that under the collective bargaining agreement between the Newspaper Guild and Philadelphia Media Network you are entitled to:


Article 16.4 – If the paid holiday falls during an employee’s vacation, or on an employee’s regular day off, the employee will receive a compensating paid day off within thirty (30) days following the holiday, and


Article 16.5 – If an employee is required to work upon a holiday, the employee may elect either to be paid double time for all hours worked on that day or to be paid straight time for the holiday and receive another paid day off within thirty (30) days of the holiday.  Holiday pay will not count toward overtime.  Only hours actually worked will count toward overtime.


We wish you and your family safe travels and a very happy Thanksgiving.


In solidarity,


Howard Gensler

Diane Mastrull

Bill Ross