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New no cost health care benefit from your union

June 26, 2015billrossInquirer

Dear Guild Member:

We are very pleased to announce that beginning on July 1, 2015, the Newspaper Guild will be providing you and your family members with a membership to Teladoc, the country’s largest provider of telemedicine. There’s no cost to you for this membership, we pay the monthly premiums. Why? Because you are a valued Guild member and we know that health care is very costly. What’s telemedicine? The simplest description is…you will have 24/7 access by phone or video to U.S. Board certified and state licensed doctors who can consult with you and diagnose for common medical conditions and will prescribe if indicated. You will also receive a discount prescription drug card. It’s cutting edge and will save you and your family members money and time. You are eligible to receive this membership whether or not you are currently participating in the Guild’s health care coverage. There is 100% acceptance and no limitations on usage. This is in addition to your health care coverage. There is no change to your current health care coverage. This is just an additional free benefit, independent of your coverage, provided by your union.

What to expect…on July 1 you will receive instructions on how to activate your account. You will be receiving email communications from Teladoc providing more information on how to activate your account. Be on the lookout. Around July 10, you will receive a Welcome Kit at your home address. While the kit includes identification cards, they are not necessary to receive a consultation. You will receive monthly reminders about your membership and will be invited to attend a telephone and webinar demo of Teladoc. Please make sure the Guild office has your current home and personal email addresses.

A few common questions:

…What’s the cost? The Newspaper Guild pays the premiums so its free for you and your dependents. There are no deductibles, co-pays or per call charges.

…How long does it take to speak with a doctor? On average, 15 to 20 minutes, yes, its very quick. Avoid costly Urgent Care or ER visits.

…Who are the doctors? Primary care doctors standing in and licensed in your state. Connect any time by phone, video or app.

…What about my primary care doctor? With your permission a record of all consultations will be sent to your primary care doctor.

In the meantime, to learn more about Teladoc, visit .

If you have any questions about this new benefit, please contact Bill Ross at or 215-928-0118.

In solidarity,

Bill Ross
Howard Gensler