The NewsGuild of Greater Philadelphia

JRC Tentative Agreements reached at 4 papers.

Guild JRC members,
You will be receiving a WARN notice from JRC, which is required by law. DO NOT panic. All of our members will be rehired by 21st CMH the potential buyer of JRC.
We have tentative new contracts that over the next 4 weeks we will be meeting to ratify. As I said last week we came away from this process, with as little pain as we could for a company coming out of bankruptcy. The highlights are;
         21st CMH Acquisition Co. is offering employment to all the Guild employees at DELCO, The Trentonian, The Mercury and The Times Herald.
          Wages and health benefits will remain the same as currently in place at JRC.  There will be no changes to economics except to align the sick leave pay at DELCO with the Delco non union employees.
          21st CMH is offering a 401(k) to replace any defined benefit pension plan but the 401(k) contributions will be calculated to provide eligible employees with the same employer contributions levels as being made by JRC now. This will now include Norristown who currently has no contribution.
          21st CMH Acquisition Co. is not offering employment to any members of the ITU units at DELCO, The Trentonian, The Mercury and The Times Herald.  However, 21stCMH Acquisition Co. will be reorganizing the advertising department to include some individuals currently members of the ITU unit that will be offered employment as Guild members.
          21st CMH Acquisition Co. is proposing some operational changes needed to increase flexibility and efficiency.
          A 2 year term.
          In exchange for the above and reaching a ratified deal with each unit in three weeks, 21st CMH Acquisition Co. is offering to agree to no involuntarily layoffs for one year, with the exception of a layoff of no more than a total (across all his units) of 4 full-time equivalents.
Bill Ross
Executive Director
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