The NewsGuild of Greater Philadelphia

Philadelphia Media Network reductions

September 12, 2011billrossInquirer

Dear Guild member,

Philadelphia Media Network has alerted the Newspaper Guild of the following reductions in force:

3 Inquirer Photographers
3 Library Classifiers
2 Advertising Layout Clerks
1 Advertising Account Planner
3 Advertising Salaried Outside Sales Representatives
2 Graphic Designers
5 Computer Operators

The company intends to layoff the impacted individuals, by seniority, on Oct.14, except Computer Operators on November 1. It is possible for other workers in these job categories to volunteer to be laid off instead.

They would receive any unused vacation pay and personal days for 2011 and the ability to collect unemployment and their annuity severance under the old contract but no larger financial incentive.

Only the targeted editorial departments at the Inquirer and Daily News are being offered the cash buyout package.

We would like to clear up something from the previous bulletin regarding the buyouts.

Anyone who is laid off whether voluntary or involuntary who had accrued years of service under the Knight Ridder/Philadelphia Media Holdings contracts would be eligible to receive their annuity severance upon termination. Please contact Cindy Swartz at Richard Gabriel Associates at (215) 773-0900 or by email who can calculate that annuity as well as provide pension information for those over 55.

If you have any questions please contact Guild Executive Director Bill Ross at 215-928-0118 or by email at

In unity,

Dan Gross, President,
Bill Ross, Executive Director
Newspaper Guild of Greater Philadelphia/Communications Workers of America Local 38010