The NewsGuild of Greater Philadelphia


Dear Guild Friends:

When one union has a battle, it never has to wage that fight alone. That is solidarity, the bedrock of a union.

As I mentioned the other day, our local sent cheesesteaks to our striking colleagues at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. They were enthusiastically received.

Our union will also now play an important role in helping administer the Pittsburgh Striker Fund along with the NewsGuild-CWA, established to financially help our dogged Guild, CWA and Teamster union siblings in need of assistance beyond traditional strike benefits.

Please give what you can. They are a long-abused group deserving of a boost from us.

And thanks to all Guild journalists at The Inquirer and Spotlight PA who overwhelmingly have said they do not want their work appearing in any scab Post-Gazette publication during this strike. That has been communicated to management, along with a call that no scab-produced content from picket line-crossing Post-Gazette workers appear on or in The Inquirer or Daily News.

That, too, is solidarity and why union membership is a family you can count on.

I’m proud of all of you.

In solidarity and gratitude,


Special thanks to Bill Ross and Pam Jackson at the Guild office who have taken on the added duties of administering the fund.

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