The NewsGuild of Greater Philadelphia


Dear Guild Members:

Well, the thrill of a pay raise was short-lived for some.

Yes, Guild members received a 3% pay raise last Friday but some actually received a paycheck that was SMALLER than before the raise. Why? Because the Company’s sale of SPP went through, making 801 Market the only official worksite and subjecting all Guild employees (with a couple of exceptions) to the city wage tax, even if they never, ever worked in the city.

Bill Ross and I have made several appeals to the Company to create suburban outposts whose addresses could be used to spare those who don’t live in the city from the city wage tax. It is not something the Company says it can or is willing to do. And forget about using your suburban home address as the work address to avoid the city wage tax: too many liabilities for The Inquirer. 

But we have been assured that people now subjected to the city wage tax but not working (or living) in the city can get a refund at tax time. I know that is not the same as having the money in your check each week at your disposal.

But please consider this as an urgent call to action to get professional tax advice on how to go about getting whatever money you are entitled to refunded. Don’t give up dollars that are yours.

In solidarity,