The NewsGuild of Greater Philadelphia


September 15, 2020billrossInquirer

Dear Guild Members:

Recognizing just how tough the challenge for working parents of young children now is because of the pandemic and its impact on schools and child-care facilities, The New York Times Co. has started offering parent employees a stipend as much as $600 a week for childcare and in-person tutoring.

So far, The Inquirer is offering NOTHING but your right to take your earned paid days off. That’s right. Exhausted and overwhelmed doing your job and helping your children figure out virtual learning? Take some vacation or personal days.

That’s simply an unacceptable response from a company owned by a nonprofit, The Lenfest Institute, thus under no pressure to satisfy shareholders or greedy hedge fund owners.

Let’s help give the Company some ideas on how it can assist our Guild parent employees who are under unprecedented pressures in unprecedented circumstances. 

You all have beats, clients, or friends and family working for other companies and institutions. Please reply to this bulletin with parental-relief options you are hearing about at other employers that could apply at The Inquirer.

Meanwhile, here is a link to the New York Times program details:

Please take care of yourselves. And thanks in advance for your suggestions.

In solidarity,