The NewsGuild of Greater Philadelphia

Say NO to layoffs

June 5, 2019

For too long, we’ve normalized the act of cutting rank and file staff in order to balance this company’s books. We reject the notion that we are disposable. If you agree, join your colleagues — more than 150 Guild members so far — who have already signed a petition that reads:

“We, the employees of The Inquirer who create the content, sell the ads, and help ensure that customers get our product and that the revenue generated is collected so the bills get paid, unite in terror and concern that the Company’s latest plan for buyouts and possible layoffs is a shortsighted maneuver torn from a failed playbook — a move that will further erode the bonds this media company is trying to build with community and diminish the quality of its journalism.

“Led by a designated ‘Publisher of the Year’ and in the national media spotlight for its unique ownership structure, The Inquirer needs to immediately abandon its layoff plan and focus on a business plan that provides the kind of public service journalism the nation’s fifth largest city deserves.”

We have petitions circulating at SPP, Cherry Hill, and 801 Market. Reach out to Diane or a member of the Guild executive board to get a hold of one. If it’s hard for you to get to those locations, you can text or email a photo of your printed name and signature to Diane.

Details on the petition delivery to come.

Diane Mastrull, President
Bill Ross, Executive Director
The Guild Executive Board