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June 21, 2016billrossInquirer



Your union is excited to announce a new, free benefit to our members who have activated their Teladoc account.


If you needed another reason to activate your Teladoc account, here it is – HealthAdvocate.  Starting immediately, members who have activated their Teladoc account will have 24/7 access to Licensed Professional EAP and Work/Life Counselors, free of charge, who can provide confidential, short-term support with a wide range of Personal  and Work/Life issues.  In a crisis, emergency help is also available 24/7. 


HealthAdvocate is a service provided at no cost to you by The Newspaper Guild.  Eligible employees, their spouses, dependent children, parents and parents-in-law can all take advantage of this valuable service.  Your privacy is protected.  HeathAdvocate follows careful protocols and complies with all government privacy standards.   Your medical and personal information is kept strictly confidential. 


To access HealthAdvocate, simply call 877-240-6863 and let the Counselor know you are with the Newspaper Guild of Philadelphia and a Counselor will  intake information and assist you.  No additional registration or sign up to access HealthAdvocate is required.


Please read the attached brochure for more detailed information. 




Haven’t activated your Teladoc account yet? Get started here:  Spend 5 minutes now so when you do need a doctor for you or a loved one you will already be registered.  Each of your dependents in your household over the age of 18 will be required to set up their own account.  Once you are activated, you can activate your dependents.  You and your dependents can enjoy this benefit whether or not you are covered under the Guild’s health care plan.


Follow these easy steps:


Visit or call (800) 835-2362Enter the following information in each field and click ‘Continue’ First Name:  Last Name:   Email Address: your primary (personal) email addressPhone Number: your primary phone number (cell phone preferred)Date of BirthDo you have a username:  Answer No, after you are logged into the system you will be able to create a username and passwordWho is your employer or insurance provider: Begin to type in Newspaper Guild, Philadelphia, a drop box will appear and click on Newspaper Guild, Philadelphia.  DO NOT TYPE IN AETNA.  For this purpose, the Newspaper Guild, Philadelphia is considered your employer as they are providing this benefit to you. Follow the rest of the steps to complete your medical history and you’re all set!


Access all of the benefits of TELEADOC from your Apple or Android device.  With the Teladoc app you can:


Request a consultation with a doctorFind and select pharmacies close to youReview and update your Health RecordAdd family membersReview previous consultations


It’s as simple as downloading the mobile app, logging in and you’re on your way!


Download the app today:  Apple  |  Android

Your new benefit will give you unlimited, 24/7 access to the care you need from your phone or computer…saving you time and money.  Imagine a world without waiting rooms, now you can.   To connect with a doctor, call (800) 835-2362 or go to  



You will love Teladoc  and HealthAdvocate.  Activate your account today to start receiving these free health care benefits.   If you have any questions about TELADOC  or HealthAdvocate, please contact Bill Ross at  To connect with a doctor, call (800) 835-2362 or go to  


In unity,

Bill Ross

Howard Gensler