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A grim turn.

February 10, 2015billrossInquirer

Guild members,


After 14 bargaining sessions, the company withdrew its entire proposed package today when the Guild bargaining committee refused to entertain any weakening of seniority in the layoff process.


The company says it is considering our economic proposals for, which has a separate contract. They are not considering contract work rules, such as adequate notice of schedule change.


To this point, the company’s economic offer would end unpaid furloughs, but would contain no raise and would add $40 to $75 to your weekly health care costs, which would be especially punishing to lower-paid employees.


The company has been steadfast in its position that it is not responsible for resuming the level of health and welfare contribution it suspended when it asked for our help in the previous contract.


The Guild bargaining committee made clear it was interested in continuing to discuss all other issues involving the growth and prosperity of the company. The company said it would “reformulate our entire package.”


Throughout bargaining, the company has refused to commit to any no-layoff provision.


In solidarity,


The Guild Bargaining Committee