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Restaraunt Opportunities Center Guild members, ratify initial 2 year contract.

I’m happy to announce that after bargaining a fair initial collective bargaining contract with Restaurant Opportunities Center, our members last night, unanimously voted and approved the contract. We reached a 2 year contract with across the board increases in both years of the agreement, of 3 percent. Paid sick time, personal time, and vacations for all part time and full time members. Increases in employee expense reimbursement, and continued health care, at no cost to the employee.
We will now represent employees in Philadelphia, New York, Washington, Los Angeles, Houston, New Orleans, and Miami.
We all know the challenges of organizing the unorganized, and I’m thrilled we not only organized workers in 7 U.S. cities, but bargained a fair initial contract. Please join me in congratulating our new leaders who got it done.
In Unity,

Bill Ross
Executive Director
TNG-CWA Local 38010
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Philadelphia, PA 19123 |
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