The NewsGuild of Greater Philadelphia

Plans to combine functions

February 1, 2012billrossInquirer

Dear Guild member,

Guild leaders met yesterday with management from the Inquirer, Daily News and, as well as Human Resources, to hear about the company’s plans to soon combine functions of the three enterprises, beginning with the sports departments.

Management argued that our journalists should no longer be focused on competing internally but with all other companies. To that end, the editors plan to change up how sports writers are assigned in order to maximize the output of content on the website in the 24/7 media landscape.

The company said it had no plans to eliminate jobs as a result of these sports reassignments.

The company will soon schedule a staff meeting in which the editors of both papers and and their respective sports editors will roll out the changes to the entire staff.

The company does not have a plan in place for how or when news, features and copy desks will be affected.

In solidarity,

Dan Gross, President
Bill Ross, Executive Director
Newspaper Guild of Greater Philadelphia/Communications Workers of America Local 38010