The NewsGuild of Greater Philadelphia


June 27, 2019billrossInquirer

Dear Amazing Brothers and Sisters:

First, thank you for your spirited participation in yesterday’s protest, especially in that heat. The turnout was tremendous and your message so vital to the health of this company and the City of Philadelphia.

Please recognize from the attendance by members from other unions that we are not in this fight alone. “In unity, strength” is more than just a rally cry.

Now we wait to see if wisdom and true innovation prevail.

Our meeting with the Company to hear whether it will proceed to layoffs is tomorrow at 11 a.m. At this moment, we have 22 members approved for buyout. As you recall, the Company wanted 30.

Under our collective bargaining agreement, the Company is required to give 15 days’ notice of a layoff. So, should the Company inform us of a layoff tomorrow, that does not mean anyone leaves immediately.

What begins is a process of appealing them. But let’s remain optimistic rather than getting into all that yet.

For now, you can help by urging all your sources, family, and friends to send a short email to urging him to do the right thing for journalism and this city and preserve the jobs here at The Inquirer. #nolayoffs #keeptheInquirerstrong #Layoffsarewrong

Please stay calm.

In solidarity,

Diane and Bill