The Newspaper Guild of Greater Philadelphia

A note from Guild President Howard Gensler

Dear Guild members,

I will send a more detailed note down the road, but I wanted to inform all of you that I will not be running for re-election as president of Local 10 and have decided to take the company buyout. I will be around until my term finishes at the end of December.

Our longtime unit chair Diane Mastrull has agreed to run for president to assure a smooth transition and even better leadership. I hope some of you will speak to her about running with her or becoming more active in lesser roles. Just because we have fewer
members does not mean we have fewer problems.

It was a complicated and difficult decision to walk away from a place where I’ve worked for more than 20 years, served as a Guild officer since Rose DeWolf asked me to replace her nearly 15 years ago and served as president since Dan Gross left in 2013.
It’s been an honor working for you and with you and a challenge dealing with some of you. It’s also been a challenge arguing with at least half a dozen publishers, numerous union-busting attorneys and the healthy-sized egos of many of our owners. 

But through all the downsizing and turmoil, you’ve worked harder than ever, learned new technologies, new jobs, new apps and won countless awards, trying to maintain a standard of quality from a bygone era, even as we’ve watched hundreds of staffers and
thousands of years of experience walk out the door — many by choice, many not. Some of you departing with me would also have fixed that run-on sentence.

I have no idea yet what I will be doing, but three days in I’m still optimistic and excited. The night terrors haven’t started yet.

I’ll officially answer all your questions and fight to uphold the contract for the next two months and then unofficially do whatever I can to help stop the bleeding here. Please give
Diane all the help and support you can. She deserves it and you deserve it.

In solidarity,

Howard Gensler

President, TNG/CWA-38010