The Newspaper Guild of Greater Philadelphia

Delaware Court rules Guild has right to intervene

Delaware Chancery Court Vice Chancellor Donald F. Parsons, Jr., ruled yesterday that the Newspaper Guild has a right to intervene in the ownership battle over Interstate General Media. The arguments of General American against the Guild’s petition to intervene were all shot down by Judge Parsons in a 12-page ruling.   In solidarity, Howard Gensler, [...]

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Newspaper Guild files petition to intervene.

NEWSPAPER GUILD FILES PETITION TO INTERVENE   Following a tumultuous 2013 which saw the rival ownership groups of Interstate General Media wage a public legal battle for control of the company, culminating in decision-making gridlock, a corporate deadlock and opposing suits filed in different jurisdictions to dissolve the company and put it up for auction, [...]

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We’re not in business with anyone

In a cleverly-worded Dan Fee press release today, the majority ownership group of Interstate General Media offered $29 million to buy out the interests of the minority ownership group. The release went on to say that the new ownership group, led by George Norcross III,   “… will seek to have as our partners in [...]

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Find a way or walk away

What are the workers supposed to do when the infighting of their company’s owners jeopardizes both their company and their careers? That’s what’s happening at the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News and, where a group of the region’s wealthiest men have taken their disparate views of the company (Interstate General Media), its role in [...]

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“Stay out of it!” October 17, 2013

       “Stay out of it.”             Those were the words of advice from Gerry Lenfest to the Guild executive board yesterday afternoon regarding our continuing neutrality in the lawsuit filed by Lenfest and owner Lewis Katz against publisher Bob Hall and the company over the firing of Inquirer editor Bill Marimow and the retention of [...]

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Trentonian members ratify contract.

March 4, 2013billrossGuild News, JRC

Guild represented members at the Trentonain in Trenton New Jersey, ratified an initial 2 year agreement with 21stCMH this evening.

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Norristown Times Herald and Pottstown Mercury ratify contracts.

March 3, 2013billrossGuild News, JRC

Board members, In a good day for our local, and our members, Norristown members today at noon, ratified the initial cba with 21st CMH 16-0. Later in the day at 5:30 our Pottstown members voted 40-0 to ratify their agreement. Again, I’d like thank all our unit officers, and Carol Rothman for attending both meetings [...]

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Delaware County Times contract ratified

February 27, 2013billrossGuild News, JRC

Guild members, This evening your co-workers voted 47-15 to ratify an initial contract with 21st CMH, the new owners of the bankrupt Journal Register Company. Highlights of the 2 year contract after the sale closes in April include, No reduction of pay over the 2 year term. No involuntary layoffs for the first year, except [...]

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Guild ratifies contract with Interstate General Media

Tonight in a resounding vote of confidence for what we hope is the vehicle for turning struggling Interstate General Media around, members of TNG/CWA Local 38010 voted 200 to 35 in favor of the new contract. The two- year deal ensures no layoffs for one year and the continuation of the regular print schedules for [...]

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Contract Ratification Vote Thursday February 7, from 6-8 pm at the Hilton Garden Inn

Guild member, A ratification vote has been scheduled for Thursday, February 7, from 6-8 p.m. at the Hilton Garden Inn, 11th & Arch Sts, Phila. Please be sure to read the Tentative Agreement & Economic Transition Letter, included in this email, prior to attending Thursday’s meeting. Guild leadership will answer any member questions from the [...]

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