The Newspaper Guild of Greater Philadelphia

Overtime rules reminder

Given the tremendous stress, accomplishment and satisfaction of our papal coverage over the past week, we would just like to remind everyone of our overtime rules.   Overtime is earned after working a 40-hour week and our work-week here is Monday to Sunday. If you worked more than 40 hours from last Monday through Sunday, [...]


Guild Members,   With more than a million people coming to Philadelphia this weekend to see Pope Francis access problems to health care because of the large crowds and limited travel routes that will be in place during the Pope’s  visit may occur so we want to remind you that you and your family members [...]

All’s well that ends well

Dear Guild members: Call it divine intervention — and just the right thing to do. The company announced this morning it has reached a deal with the Sheraton Society Hill to accommodate the Inquirer, Daily News and employees who are assigned to the papal coverage this weekend in Center City. Those needing lodging Friday, [...]

Digital First Media to pay out profit sharing bonus.

I wanted to let you know that the company’s annual audit has been completed, and our earnings have been verified. As a result, the profit sharing plan in place for fiscal 2015 will pay out up to the full one week’s pay to all eligible employees. We anticipate payment on September 22 through the normal [...]


As you may know, when the Employer announced its plans to deal with the travel restrictions imposed during the Pope’s visit, the Guild informed management that the arrangements were ill-conceived, inadequate and unacceptable. We suggested a number of alternatives that we believed would address the situation in a safe and rational manner. This week, we [...]


Some of you may not know that our local of the Newspaper Guild represents staff members of the Restaurant Opportunities Center (ROC) in a number of cities around the country.  We got word yesterday that in our first arbitration against ROC ­– which a few months ago agreed to one of the top contracts for [...]


In an effort to get some answers to your many questions concerning working on “Pope Weekend,” Guild leaders met Tuesday afternoon with Stan Wischnowski, PMN VP of News Operations, Keith Black, VP of Human Resources, and Inquirer Managing Editors Gabe Escobar and Sandy Clark.   There still remain more questions than answers. In large part, this [...]

Guild’s Teladoc activation instuctions

Guild Members,   When activating your account, if you did not follow the steps below (using the drop down Newspaper Guild, Philadelphia for Item 7 below) and may have answered Aetna as insurance provider instead, please call  (800) 835-2362 to make sure you are under the Newspaper Guild plan.   Simply follow these steps to [...]

Win $100.00 Activate Your Teledoc/Call a Dr. Plus Account Today.

Guild Members: Want to win $100.00?  It’s easy.  Just activate your Call A Doctor Plus/Teladoc account by Monday, August 3, 2015 and your name will be entered into a drawing for $100.00.  All members with an active account by August 3rd  will be entered into the drawing.  Winner will be announced Wednesday, August 5th. Haven’t [...]


A few points regarding the message Keith Black sent out for Gerry Lenfest yesterday. The message was meant to be confusing and rile you up. How do we know? We were asked a few weeks ago whether Mr. Lenfest’s message should be sent to Guild members and we said no. It didn’t apply to Guild [...]