The Newspaper Guild of Greater Philadelphia

Contract ratification votes scheduled

Dear Guild Member, The Guild will hold TWO separate contract ratification votes next week. The Main Unit will vote Tuesday, July 7 from 5-8pm. The unit will vote Wednesday July 8 from 3-6 pm. Both votes will be held at the Hilton Garden Inn (1100 Arch St.). Guild officers will be available at both [...]

Main details of a new 2 year agreement with PMN

As reported, the Guild and the Company reached a tentative agreement at 11 p.m. Friday, following eleven hours of bargaining. After the contracts for the main unit and are approved by the International in Washington, D.C., the Guild will schedule ratification votes for next week. THE KEY POINTS OF THE NEW MAIN UNIT CONTRACT [...]

Tentative 2 year agreement reached with PMN

From: “Black, Keith” Date: June 26, 2015 at 11:01:49 PM EDT To: All PMN Employees Subject: Tentative Agreement Reached ​Good evening, On behalf of the Company and the Guild bargaining teams, we are pleased to announce that the parties have come to terms on a new tentative two year collective bargaining agreement. The Guild will be [...]

New no cost health care benefit from your union

Dear Guild Member: We are very pleased to announce that beginning on July 1, 2015, the Newspaper Guild will be providing you and your family members with a membership to Teladoc, the country’s largest provider of telemedicine. There’s no cost to you for this membership, we pay the monthly premiums. Why? Because you are a [...]

Response to Keith Black

Guild members, Keith Black’s memo regarding strike –related issues is a rather clumsy and predictable attempt to frighten our members to accept the Company’s inferior contract offer. His ‘helpful advice’ in the FAQ on how you can work in the event of a strike, that he claims the company “created” is a disingenuous blueprint on [...]


Reminder: The Guild will hold a Fair Contract Rally tomorrow (Thursday) at noon outside of 801 Market St. (on the Market side of the building). We will be getting support from union leaders and union workers from throughout the city and we need you there too. At noon, stand up at your desk, stand up [...]

Why seniority matters to everyone

Seniority only is a factor with regard to the wage scale and in the event of a layoff. As long as people do their jobs – and the company has performance review mechanisms to fire people if they do not – then seniority allows employees to get annual wage increases until they reach top scale [...]

One simple request

Guild members,     Show up at noon Thursday at 8th & Market to rally in support of your value. We want Mr. Lenfest to understand one thing: It’s not charity, it’s an investment.       In solidarity,     Howard Gensler Bill Ross Diane Mastrull Cindy Burton Regina Medina Melanie Burney Brian McCrone [...]

Oh, but it is a charity!

We appreciate Mr. Lenfest taking responsibility for this enterprise. We agree that it should be a sustainable commercial success. But we have nothing left to give. For us, this company has been a charity. We have lost our pension. We haven’t had a raise in six years. In fact, we have given back raises. We [...]


The Guild Bargaining Committee spent 11 hours with a Federal mediator and company negotiators today and here’s where we are:   You pay more, make less, your jobs are less secure and we’re holding a rally for a fair contract Thursday at noon.   With regard to healthcare, the Company inched its additional contribution up [...]